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Defunct coops list

This list is maintained for informational purposes. These coops have closed since being listed in the main list.

North America

Coop Business Areas Region/Country Notes
Brierwood Coop Mobile apps Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Feel Train Portland, OR, USA "Feel Train will never consist of more than 8 people."
Gaia Host Collective Hosting Greenfield, MA, USA
Quilted consulting, graphic design, web development Berkeley, California, USA "Quilted is a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed company stitching together technology and social change."
RadicalDesign Web development Oakland, CA, USA Focusing on non-profit and grassroots social change organizations
Seattle Developers Cooperative Web development, React, Node.js Seattle, Washington, USA Founded 2018; Working on P2P projects in JavaScript


Coop Business Areas Region/Country Notes
Rabotnik graphic design, web-development, video production and animation, campaign and concept development Denmark